27 March 2017

Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977, More of the Same

After the previous post, Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977, More Discrepancies, what more can be learned from 'Levy & O'Connell's book (L&O) covering the first 30 years of Korchnoi's career' combined with Viktor Korchnoi's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (1946-2015)? I started by looking at tournaments missing completely from the book's overview of his career.

The five missing events are identified in the first section of the following chart. Particularly intriguing is the '1974 New York blitz' event, which I can't recall seeing before. According to L&O, it was played in February 1974, which would have followed the match vs. Mecking played in January at Augusta GA.

The rest of the chart follows the lead from 'More Discrepancies', comparing L&O's index of opponents with its overview of events. This time I looked at events that had between seven and ten games. Almost all of the events played before the mid-1960s present a discrepancy and there are 13 additional unidentified events.

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