10 March 2017

Kitchen Sicilian

Pick any 8-by-8 pattern on an infinitely sized checkerboard. Add a complete set of chess pieces using the traditional start position. What have you got? Something like this...

Kitchen Table Chess Design © Flickr user Lex McKee under Creative Commons.

...The description explained,

This innovative table design caught my attention in Dorchester today. Not sure where you'd put your pizza or steak, but you've got to admire great design!

How would you describe the position of White's Queen Rook? It's neither on a1 nor a2 and it's half off the board.

For another Flickr Friday look at tabletop chessboards, see Kasparov Passes the Salt (October 2010).


Later: For some reason, this post has attracted about five times the number of visits that a post on this blog normally receives. I suspect that -- because of the title ('Kitchen Sicilian') -- some visitors are expecting information about Italian cooking. Chess players recognize immediately what non-chess players would never realize: that the word 'Sicilian' refers to the formation of the chess pieces in the photo.

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