06 March 2017

Korchnoi's Career 1946-1977, Major Events

After the previous post, Korchnoi's Career 1976-2000, Major Events, I again used the Chessmetrics.com data (see that post for a link) to add months to events played during the first 30 years of Korchnoi's career. I supplemented that data with similar info from Cafferty and Taimanov's 'The Soviet Championships' and from my own WCC site (see right sidebar).

I then loaded 'the whole kit and kaboodle' (does anyone still use that expression?) to Viktor Korchnoi's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (TMER; 1946-2015). This is the fourth iteration on the Soviet period of Korchnoi's TMER:-

The 'On Paper' post (also used in 'Three Views') would appear to be the most promising area for further analysis.

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