05 March 2017

Paved with Questions

After a short break from chess blogging, what better way to jump back in than a post on Top eBay Chess Items by Price? In my single previous post about jewelry with a chess theme, The Value of Jewelry (March 2016), I confessed,

I have to admit that I don't understand the price at all.

Ditto for the current item, which was titled, '10K Yellow Gold Real Diamond King Chess Piece Pendant Men's Pave Charm 0.40 CT'. It sold for $479.99 'Buy-It-Now', and mentioned,

List price: $1,530.00; 2 available / 1 sold

Is a list price of more than three times the final price a sales trick?

Left: Front / Right: Back

The description said,

This exclusive eye-catching genuine diamond 3D Chess King piece pendant is crafted in real 10K yellow gold & shimmering white diamonds, ensuring sparkle from every angle. Radiant with 0.40 ct. t.w. of genuine diamonds, this pendant is buffed to a polished luster. Custom pendant has well built frame, with caged back for durability. The diamonds are securely held between the gold mounting in a pave setting with prongs, making the overall appearance larger and lustrous. White diamond studded bail to complete the custom look,

The bail of this pendant will fit up-to 7mm wide chain. This beautiful chess piece charm has custom feel & look to it, making a bold fashion statement. These are all 100% genuine brilliant round diamonds. All the diamonds are matching throughout. Great size men's pendant. This pendant is 4.10 grams and 1.70" in length. [0.45" in width]

Back to the title, what is a 'Pave Charm'?

The pavé setting, pronounced "pa-vay," comes from the French word "to pave," as in paved with diamonds. By closely setting small diamonds together with minimal visibility of the tiny metal beads or prongs holding the stones in place, the effect is one of continuous sparkle.

For more about 'pa-vay', see 16 Awesome Engagement Ring Styles You Need to Learn About (diamonds.pro). Interesting: Diamonds.pro. Is there a Chess.pro? Entering the address returns, 'Congratulations! Chess.pro is available for sale!'

Domain Name: chess.pro
Price: $4,999.00

Once again, 'I have to admit that I don't understand the price at all.'

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