25 March 2019

TCEC S15 Div3 Finishes; CCC7 Starts

Another Monday, another look at the top-two ongoing engine competitions. I'll summarize last week's report, TCEC S15 Div4 Finishes; Stockfish Wins CCC6, with:-

TCEC: S15 division 3 is currently underway. [...] The AI/NN engine AllieStein (Allie + Stein) was one of the two qualifying [from division 4]. • CCC6: According to reports on other sites, the site is preparing CCC7. In the meantime, it is conducting the 'Bongcloud Bonus (10|10)'.

TCEC: This week's situation is an echo of last week's: S15 division 2 is currently underway. The AI/NN engine AllieStein was one of two qualifying from division 3. With the event nearing the 3/4 mark, AllieStein is in second place.

CCC: The Bongcloud event, a thematic opening tournament using 1.e4 e5 2.Ke2 as the first moves, finished as expected. White managed to draw a few games, which determined the final ranking shown in the following diagram. Chess is a game of logic and 2.Ke2 is a weak attempt to defy that logic. All other things being equal, poor moves lead to a loss.

Chess.com issued a report on CCC6:-

The same report outlined the plan for CCC7.

The CCC7 field includes the "big four" engines of Stockfish, Lc0, Houdini and Komodo, and adds three more neural-network engines that are expected to challenge for the finals in Antifish, Leelenstein and Allie.

That makes four AI/NN engines: Lc0, Antifish, Leelenstein and, Allie. The report continued,

Stage one of CCC7 is a 24-player round-robin, where each engine will play every other engine three times as White and three times as Black. The top four engines from stage one will advance to a 100x round-robin final stage.

Four AI/NN engines, four places in the CCC7 final stage. This is an event worth watching.

[For further information from the various stakeholders in the engine-to-engine events, see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page.]

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