20 June 2019

Embedded Chess Puzzles

A few days ago Chessbase.com published an article Tactical puzzles for your web site. The lead sentence said,

With the relaunch of our training site tactics.chessbase.com, it was time to renew the embeddable tactics board which you can put into your own web site.

I followed the instructions and produced a page on this blog:-

See the tab of the same name at the top of this page (as well as every page on the blog). It works fine, but the puzzles are too basic to be interesting to anyone beyond beginner. The option for 'More Difficult' goes to the Chessbase site. I looked for a similar function on other chess sites, found one on Lichess.org, and created another page:-

This 'puzzle' is just a fancy link. When you click on it, it goes directly to Lichess.org, where you can solve it. Good idea, bad execution, so I decided not to make it a tab at the top of every page. I'll keep looking for a challenging tactics trainer that works while staying on this blog.


Unknown said...

You can daily Lichess puzzles also (not just a link!).
See https://lichess.org/developers

Unknown said...

You are right about Lichess puzzles :( My previous comment was too early. Sry!