21 July 2019

Contemporary Dutch Masters

By some kind of quantum, 'spooky action from a distance' phenomenon, this month's Featured Flickr echoes last month's The Original Dutch Masters. The photos are all from the album FishPartners Open 2019 (flickr.com), which took place in Bunschoten-Spakenburg (Netherlands), according to the photos' tags.

First photo: GM Vlastimil Hort © Flickr user Frans Peeters under Creative Commons.

GM Vlastimil Hort: Introducing the pictured notables from left to right, GM Hort isn't Dutch, he's Czech. What attracted him to the FishPartners Open? For another distant photo, one from 50 years ago, see last month's June 1969 'On the Cover'.

GM Jan Timman: GM Timman is one of the greatest Dutch masters of all time and there are many posts on this blog that mention him. I couldn't decide which one to reference.

Willem Gruenbauer: This photo appears to be the same fellow seen anonymously on this blog in 'Nice Jacket!' (January 2015), and A Chess Wardrobe (August 2017). His FIDE card, Gruenbauer, Willem FIDE Chess Profile, confirms he's Dutch. Even if he's not a chess master, he's a master of chess wardrobes.

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