14 July 2019

Dr.House: S3E23 "The Jerk"

Remember when Youtube was filled with short clips featuring chess scenes from movies and TV shows? Those were the days! When everyone realized that the service was in blatant disregard of international copyright law, the short clips all but disappeared. From time to time they reappear in 'official' channels. This one is from the Dr.House channel.

16 Year Old Destroys House at Chess!? | House M.D. (7:09) • 'Published on Jun 10, 2019'

The description starts on a positive note for chess:-

House plays a young chess champ in order to stress him out and reveal some of his underlying symptoms but instead seems to lose in the process. Will House be able to reclaim his dignity?

Then we learn that the scene is from 'Season 3 Episode 23 "The Jerk"':-

House meets his match in the form of Nate (Nick Lane), an obnoxious 16-year-old chess prodigy with intense head pain and behavioral issues, who manages to annoy and offend every member of the team during his course of treatment.

File this under 'Not everyone likes chess'.

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