21 February 2020

FIDE Commissions 2020

Continuing with Spectating the 90th FIDE Congress?, one of the follow-up points was to take another look at FIDE commissions. The last time I did this, in December 2018, FIDE's new management had just reorganized the commissions. I spent some time understanding the structural changes, as shown in the following chart (plus a few changes marked in red):-

2018-12-20: FIDE Commissions 2018

The various codes in the chart are explained in the post linked via the caption. The analysis holds up fairly well, except for the three commissions marked '[?]' in red. At the end of 2018 there were 22 commissions listed. The three marked in red are missing from the current directory of Commissions, which is captured in the next chart showing the 19 active commissions:-

FIDE Commissions 2020

As for the notes to the right of the chart, the '*' indicates the commission has its own website, which can be found via the FIDE home page. The annexes were released by FIDE in January and are explained in the 'Spectating the 90th?' post.

This means that three commissions have apparently been silent. In fact, the Constitutional Commission (CON) has been exceptionally busy; from 2019 3rd Quarter FIDE Presidential Board Meeting (fide.com; September 2019):-

The most important point of this Presidential Board meeting was probably the reform of the FIDE Statutes. Roberto Rivello was given the task to chair a group of experts charged to prepare a proposal of full reform of the current Statutes, drafting a juridically correct and comprehensive text that the Constitutional Commission proposed to call "FIDE Charter".

"FIDE needs this reform, not only because the current FIDE Statutes were written many decades ago and the role of international sports federations is completely different today, as it is our society. But mainly because we need to move in the direction of a more modern, transparent, democratic and efficient institution, and the main rules of our organisation have a fundamental role to play in making this possible.", explained Roberto.

The proposed charter was distributed with the other annexes in January. As for the Social Commission (SC) and the Verification Commission (VER), I suppose we'll find out more during the 90th Congress.

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