07 February 2020

Spectating the 90th FIDE Congress?

Well over a year ago, in Spectating the 89th FIDE Congress (December 2018), I wrote,

I was starting to wonder whether the recent change in top-level FIDE management meant that FIDE communication with the outside world would cease. [...] Now I can do a series of posts like I did last year, when I covered the following topics...

Copy that to February 2020, when we now have 2020 FIDE Extraordinary General Assembly Agenda and Executive Board Agenda:-

FIDE publishes the Agendas for the 2020 FIDE Extraordinary General Assembly and Executive Board, scheduled to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 28-29 February 2020.

This will coincide with the 90th FIDE Congress (fide.com/calendar):-

90th FIDE Congress • Place: Abu Dhabi, UAE • Start: 26-Feb-2020 • End: 01-Mar-2020

There is another Congress scheduled for later this year, i.e. 91st FIDE Congress (ditto):-

91st FIDE Congress • Place: Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia • Start: 29-Jul-2020 • End: 05-Aug-2020

The two FIDE agendas reference annexes from other FIDE bodies. These will let me do a series of posts on the topics that interest me the most. After the 'Spectating the 89th' post, I looked at the following:-

I also did a post on my World Championship blog:-

Although the annexes attached to the agendas are pre-'90th Congress', they are all we have to document FIDE's activities in 2019. Will there be other documents issued from the 90th Congress? If so, how long afterwards?

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