12 July 2020

Bloody Endgames

Want to know the truth about the 2000 Kramnik - Kasparov World Championship match?

JUGA feat. Vlad Kramnik - Endgames Bloody Endgames - U2 Chess cover | Kasparov vs Kramnik (4:39) • 'Premiered Jun 30, 2020'

The first lines of the song are...

I can't believe the move he played
3...Nf6 has not been analyzed 'til mate

...and the description of the video says,

Chess version of U2's Song "Sunday Bloody Sunday" performed by Juga. Chess Lyrics by Ex World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. Inspired by Kasparov vs Kramnik World Chess Championship 2000. Recorded at Budai Var, Budapest, June 2020

For U2's original version, see U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (youtube.com): 45M views, 9400 comments. For more from Juga, see Bio | JUGA - Chess Artist - Official Web Site (jugamusica.com): 'Juga is a singer, songwriter and Chess Conceptual artist.'

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