31 January 2021

FIDE's Social Commission 2020

Getting back to the recent post Spectating the 91st FIDE Congress (January 2021), let's have a follow-up to FIDE's Social Commission 2019? (February 2020), this time without the question mark ('?'). We learn from Commissions (fide.com), that the Social Commission's officers have changed to...

  • Chairman: Klerides, Paris
  • Secretary: Chatelain, Philippe Victor

...plus three councillors and 13 members. Of the 18 commissions listed on that page, 14 have their own web sites. The last to appear, some time during Summer 2020, was the FIDE Social Commission. It describes its 'Mission' as:-

The FIDE Social Commission "SOC" is dedicated to using chess as a tool for social development. SOC advocates for the use of chess as a tool for social change through action as [e.g.] An equalizer for gender, social and economic development. [...]

The 'Members' page still lists the same officers as recorded in my 'Social Commission 2019' post, where the current chairman was at that time the secretary. The 'Reports' page lists a single item, dated September 2019, the First FIDE Social Commission meeting. The three paragraph report starts,

The first FIDE Social Commission meeting was held in Havana, Cuba, on Saturday, 11 May 2019, at Tryb Habana Libre Hotel, during the Capablanca Memorial Festival.

This commission is obviously a work-in-progress and I hope we will hear more about it during the coming year.

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