29 March 2021

TCEC 'Swiss 1', CCC 'Streamer Bots Battle' Both Underway

Two weeks ago, the subject of this blog's fortnightly post on the world's top engine vs. engine competitions was TCEC FRC3, CCC Rapid 2021 : Both Finals Underway (March 2021). To summarize that post:-

TCEC: In the TCEC Cup 8 final match, Stockfish beat LCZero +1-0=7. FRC3 has reached the final match, where Stockfish and KomodoDragon are tied with one win each. • CCC: Stockfish is crushing Lc0 in the final match of the Rapid 2021.

After the finals finished, the two sites switched to other events. So what are they doing today?

TCEC: For a report on TCEC FRC3, see the post TCEC C960 FRC3 (March 2021), on my chess960 blog. There I wrote,

In the 'FRC 3' final, KomodoDragon beat Stockfish by a score of +2-1=47.

Even more importantly, I quoted the TCEC Wiki:-

The TCEC Fischer Random Chess will as of now be a regular part of seasonal events [S21 is next].

After TCEC FRC3, the site started its first Swiss tournament, cleverly named 'Swiss 1'. We got a taste of the format last month in TCEC Side Events; CCC 'Rapid 2021' Nearing Semifinal (February 2021):-

The site is running a series of bonus events mingled with test events. [...] The test events included four 'Swiss Test' tournaments, each having 42 versions of Stockfish, with events and engines configured using varying conditions.

For the format of the current Swiss tournament, see TCEC Swiss 1 - TCEC wiki (wiki.chessdom.org). In brief:-

The TCEC Swiss 1 uses the TCEC Swiss Tournament System with the following configuration:
* 11 double rounds.
* Group seeding with 40 engines divided in 8 groups.

That referenced wiki page, TCEC Swiss Tournament System - TCEC wiki (ditto), explains the rules. Warning! : It's an explanation that only a mathematician could love. 'Swiss 1' has 38 engines in competition and is currently in the fourth of its 11 'double rounds'.

CCC: Stockfish won the Rapid 2021 final match, beating Lc0 by a score of 280.0-220.0. After a series of bonus / exhibition events, the site is now running something called 'Chess.com Bots: Streamers Battle' with 16 bots participating. I couldn't find any info about the event except the names of the 16 bots, starting with the strongest: Eric, Aman, etc.

Until now I've managed to avoid paying attention to the 'Chess.com Streamer Bots'. I'll make amends by featuring them in the next off-week engine post.

[For further information from the various stakeholders in the engine-to-engine events, see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page. • NB: Leela = LC0 = LCzero]

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