14 March 2021

Chess Can Be Heavy

'We watched the movie Queen's Gambit and it was impressive. We started playing chess ourselves and got a lot out of it: good sportsmanship, knowledge, challenges. It just seemed fitting to do something in the snow out in the back yard.'

Giant chess set built of ice (1:57) • '[Published on] Feb 16, 2021'

The description of the video says,

Vicki Carr and her daughter, Kim, built a huge chess set out of ice in their back yard.

Noting the family name and the Youtube channel, Ottawa Citizen, gives us a related story and another video: Ice cold checkmate: Manotick family builds life-sized chessboard in backyard (ottawa.ctvnews.ca). There we learn,

The chess pieces stand about two to three feet tall, with some pieces of solid snow and ice weighing more than 40 pounds. It took Carr and her mom Vicki a month to build the chessboard in their backyard.

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