13 August 2021

Carlsen's Events 2019-21

In my previous post on GM Carlsen's recent record, Carlsen's TWIC Data 2019-21 (August 2021), I noted,

A preliminary scan of the TWIC files published since that last entry found 1453 Carlsen games in 94 TWIC files. That count is not definitive because the latest TWIC file doesn't have Carlsen's final games from the '2021 World Cup; Sochi (Russia)'.

It turned out that two of those games were for 'Carlsen,H', presumably Carlsen's father. Adding the four final games from the '2021 World Cup', gives a total of 1455 Carlsen games (in 95 TWIC files). Those games were spread across 77 different events, of which 34 were played face-to-face and 43 online. Here is an overview of the 34 events played in the traditional way.

I'll discuss the online events in my next post.

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