20 August 2021

Carlsen's Online Events 2019-21

In my previous post about GM Carlsen's games that were played during the last three years, Carlsen's Events 2019-21 (August 2021), I wrote,

A total of 1455 Carlsen games (in 95 TWIC files). Those games were spread across 77 different events, of which 34 were played face-to-face and 43 online. Here is an overview of the 34 events played in the traditional way. [...] I'll discuss the online events in my next post.'

Here is a list of the 43 online events, in chronological order.

The online games were played on three sites, listed below. The numbers in parentheses are the count of games and the count of events on that site.

  • chess24.com (679/31)
  • lichess.org (321/10)
  • chess.com (82/2)

The last time I conducted this exercise, Carlsen's online games were played exclusively on Chess.com; see Carlsen's Chess.com Events 2017-18 (September 2018), for details. Also worth noting are the 10 'Prelim' events played on chess24.com. I could say more about these observations, but I'll save that for another time.

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