10 August 2021

Breaking the 3300 Barrier

It's been a little more than seven months since I posted Breaking the 3200 Barrier (December 2020), which appeared a little more than seven months after Breaking the 3100 Barrier (May 2020). Right on schedule, post no.3300 on this blog was TCEC S21 Sufi Underway; CCC Still Romancing (August 2021).

For the corresponding trivia about ratings, I'll return to the '3100 Barrier' post, where I featured a video titled 'The Strongest Computer Chess Engines Over Time'. Here is a screen capture from that video.

The ratings of the top three engines on the chart are:-

  • 3307 Stockfish
  • 3275 Komodo
  • 3250 Rybka

The bottom right of the screen says, '2014', but the running timeline (which is partially obscured by the video status bar) is at year-end 2012. How can I resolve this discrepancy?

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