08 August 2021

Pawn Power in Youtube Videos

Kudos to Youtube's Netflix channel for publishing this video on International Chess Day. It would be even more impressive without the obvious errors: a chart of the relative value of the pieces switches the Bishop and the Rook (1:00); the survival rate chart (1:10) labels the ranks and files correctly, but shows the wrong colors for all the squares; and the 'Stonewall Formation' is only marginally recognizable (4:15).

Why The Most Important Chess Piece Isn’t The One You Think | The Queen’s Gambit (7:09) • '[Published on] Jul 20, 2021'

The biggest quibble is about the title of the clip. Its description says,

The King is often called the "most important piece" in chess, but there’s one piece everyone might be overlooking.

No one is overlooking anything. The King is the 'most important chess piece'...period...full stop. Lose it and you lose the game. Lose a Pawn and, as another chart shows (6:00), you're still in the game.

A better title would be 'Why The *Least* Important Chess Piece Isn’t The One You Think'. In fact, there is no least important piece, and the video does a good job of explaining the many strengths of the Pawn. For more chess videos from the Netflix channel, see Netflix search?query=chess.

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