21 November 2021

For Blacker Blacks and Whiter Whites

How could anyone not like the colors in this photo?

Your Move © Flickr user Brentonbythesea under Creative Commons.

The description said,

Patrons playing chess after breakfast. Yolk, Manzanita, Oregon.

What about those colors? Additional info for the photo said, 'This photo is in 60 groups', of which the six featured groups had something to with iPhone. On top of that, 'This photo is in 16 albums' featured one called Topaz Software. Bingo! The site Topaz Labs: AI Image Quality Software (topazlabs.com), informs,

Get better image quality. Not every photo or video requires exceptional image quality. For the ones that do, Topaz AI image enhancement software helps you achieve impossibly good results.

Is there AI that detects when the Kings and Queens are set up on the wrong squares in a photo? Apparently not.

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