28 November 2021

World Championship Social Media 2021

It's been five years since the first post in the series The Sociology of Chess (November 2016), where the next two posts were about the 2016 Carlsen - Karjakin title match (m-w.com) being held at New York City:-

At that time the social media links in the second post were all run by 'World Chess' (worldchess.com). Fast forward five years to the ongoing 2021 Carlsen - Nepomniachtchi (m-w.com) at Dubai. Nowadays the official site for the match, FIDE World Championship 2021 (fideworldchampionship.com), points to a new, expanded set of social media links run by FIDE (fide.com):-

I can't possibly keep up with that flood of information, but I'll do my best.


Later: The most recent YouTube video on the 'FIDE chess' channel represents a milestone for chess in the USA.

FIDE World Championship Match - NBC Recap Game 1 (26:36) • '[Published on] Nov 28, 2021'

The description says,

The World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and Challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi are battling for the title at Dubai Expo from November 26 to December 16, 2021. Americal [sic; 'American', of course] broadcasting giant NBC is showing recaps of the games on NBCSN. We are pleased to present you with the first one of the series.

That typo is bad enough, but much worse is ignoring the world class commentator, GM Maurice Ashley. The FIDE/NBC deal was announced last summer:-

The full broadcast schedule is available on a more recent press release:-

Here GM Ashley gets the credit he deserves:-

The programs will convey the emotions and stories of the games as well as expert opinions, including commentary by Maurice Ashley, who will focus on making chess accessible for all levels of viewers. Well known as a commentator for high-profile chess events, Ashley made history in 1999 when he became the first African-American ever to be awarded the title of chess Grandmaster.

The 'NBC Recap Game 1' is really well done. This could be the best chess to appear on American television since the 1972 Fischer - Spassky Title Match, Reykjavik (m-w.com). Let's hope the match goes the distance, maybe even into tiebreak!

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