19 November 2021

Not the 'Under the Weather' Channel

Has it really been nearly two years since I was last Under the Weather (January 2020)? Because that post was on my World Chess Championship Blog, I used a photo of World Champion Magnus Carlsen looking not at his best.

This time I could have used one of a dozen similar photos of other world class players, but that's too easy. Instead I'll continue with the current TMER series (Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record), where the previous post was Carlsen's TMER 2019-21, Chess24 (November 2021). I signed off saying,

It's obvious from the structure of the deal that the transaction was a takeover of Chess24 by Play Magnus. In the article we learn, 'On our 5th birthday [Carlsen] took on Peter Svidler in a match, and last Friday he played his first Banter Blitz.' That mention of Carlsen and 'Banter Blitz' is worth further exploration for the TMER, but I'll save that for another post.

The following video isn't quite what I had in mind for that other post, but it's a step in the right direction.

Carlsen vs. Svidler chess24 Birthday Banter Blitz (47:50) • '[Published on] Feb 26, 2019'

The video description says,

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and eight-time Russian Champion Peter Svidler play a first to five points blitz match to celebrate Chess24's 5th birthday! The players' thoughts are combined in this video (in left and right audio channels).

Then it adds, 'For the separate videos and more check out': Magnus Carlsen stars in birthday extravaganza (chess24.com). The 'first to five points blitz match' lasted six games. No bonus credit for guessing who won.

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