14 November 2021

Three Guys on 'Best Chess Moves'

What's this? Of the 21 videos on this month's short list for featured video, three were titled something like '10 Best Chess Moves Ever'. Here's the first of them.

10 Best Chess Moves Ever Played (36:28) • '[Published on] Oct 25, 2021'

The video's description didn't offer much that was unique to the clip, so I'll use one of the first comments.

I've had an extremely bad day and seeing the thumbnail itself cheered me up...

Yes, that's a great thumbnail and the description links to its source: Emil Adam (instagram.com; @jojochessnoob; 'Thumbnail editor for GMHikaru and GothamChess'). I could easily set off on a tangent about chess video thumbnails, but first I'll finish this post. Here are direct links to the three videos on the short list, where the first is the clip behind the thumbnail shown above:-

Of course, I don't know how much originality went into these picks. The Chess.com video links to an article on the site that predates the GothamChess video by more than a year: The 10 Best Chess Moves of All Time (chess.com; September 2020; Colin Stapczynski). The idea 'Best Chess Moves of All Time' or 'Best Chess Games etc.' isn't exactly novel. Instead of worrying about ownership, I'll just enjoy the videos and the moves. Thanks, guys!

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