15 May 2022

Controversial NFTs

Last month's Yahoos post, Yahoos of War and NFTs (April 2022), was the first post on this blog to mention NFTs [Non-Fungible Tokens]. I noted,

Although NFTs specific to chess have been seen before in the chess world, the involvement of Chess.com adds weight to their importance. Is this the stuff of fad or future? We'll find out soon enough.

On this month's short list for featured video, I had one clip about the Chess.com NFTs. Not to be confused with the now-defunct Chessvibes.com, last seen on this blog in A Big Hole in Chessvibes (May 2013), the video's source was Youtube's Chess Vibes channel.

New Chess.com Feature: NFT's! What is Treasure Chess? Chess NFT Marketplace Tips (10:21) • '[Published on] Apr 22, 2022'

The description said simply,

Check it out yourself: Treasure.chess.com

My biggest takeaway from the video was after reading the comments. NFTs are even more controversial than I had imagined. Sound investments or scams? There are plenty of opinions on both sides.

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