21 October 2022

People Said, 'Ouf!'

Cover, Europe Echecs, December 1992:-

Fischer - Spassky :
ouf, c'est fini!

In the following scan I've enlargened the text on a portion of the cover, with the top line of the original text still visible on the right. On the left are a couple of partially hidden headlines.

The first headline said some guy named Adams won some tournament called Tilburg. The second headline said some guy named Kasparov won some tournament called Trophée Immopar over some other guy named Anand.

My French - English dictionary says 'ouf' means 'phew', and I know enough French to know that 'c'est fini !' means 'it's finished !' or 'it's over !'. Is that comment positive or negative? It sounds negative -- in the direction of 'Yuk, it's over!' -- but I'd rather be sure before I build on it. Unfortunately, the Fischer - Spassky story inside starts on page 26 and my copy of the magazine is missing pages 19 through 26, so I can't read the article's introduction to souse out the magazine's opinion. C'est la vie!

The previous post in this blog's 'Fischer Friday' series was Historic Photo, Historic Game (October 2022), also about the 1992 match. The next post will return to the 1972 Fischer - Spassky match.

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