16 December 2022

Paul Azzurro, Chess Video Producer

In last week's Friday post, Shirov's SmartChess Videos (December 2022), I finished saying,

We also learn from the page [on ichess.net] that the videos were 'Originally Produced by Paul Azzurro'. That might be worth additional investigation but I've run out of time for this post.

Let's pick up this week where I left off last week. First stop:-

  • Paul Azzurro (youtube.com/@Chessdvds; a few other Youtube URLs point to the same page) • 'Chessondvd.com worlds largest producer of chess on dvd over 300 to choose from.'

The YouTube 'About' page says,

Demos on Chessdvds that are offered at our website, that include lessons on openings middle game and endgame, game collection, opening repertoire, chess tactics, chess strategy, chess for absolute beginners, and much more.

A 'Links' section on the page lists only www.chessondvd.com, which returns the message, 'We’re having trouble finding that site.' Removing the 'www' leaves 'chessondvd.com', which redirects to our second stop:-

  • Chessvideo.com (subtitled 'TagLine Here'). • The 'Categories' are similar to those seen in last week's 'SmartChess Videos' post.

Last stops:-

  • Paul Azzurro Archives (ichess.net; 'production-house/paul-azzurro') • 'Showing 195 results'; with various sorts.
  • Paul Azzurro (vimeo.com) • 488 videos
  • Chess Dvds | Shop Chess Videos | Tactics (chessondemand.com) • More amateurish than the other sites I've listed. It looks like something I would do.
  • OnlineChessLessons.net (domain captioned in last week's Shirov video) • Redirects to iChess.net.

I tried to look at a few of the Vimeo clips, but each time I received the message 'Video is not rated. Log in to watch.' The 250 logon IDs (plus password) that I've accumulated through the years doesn't include Vimeo, so I had to say, 'Bye for now'. And that's how I'll close this post. Paul Azzurro was (is?) a major force in the world of chess videos.

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