11 December 2022

Chess Clock Restoration

Here's a type of chess video you don't see every day.

Vintage chess clock restoration (11:21) • '[Published on] Dec 10, 2022'

The description (right click the embedded video for a link) started,

This chess clock was made in 1950`s in Russia. My client wanted me to make it nicer, because it was meant to be birthday present for young and talented chess player. This kind of works are not about the money, but the joy, restoring something different.

It continued with a list of 'My favorite tools' including links to Amzn.to (a link shortener for Amazon.com). The first of the nearly 250 comments was by the videomaker, who said,

To be clear, the original finish was faux wood, it was not veneered.

Many of the comments were about the 'wood', so it must have been an important detail. The restoration concentrated on the clock case, not on the two clock mechanisms.

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