18 May 2009

Award Winning Books

Getting back to Links related to my About.com material, I decided to tackle resources related to chess books. The first was an update of Award Winning Chess Books. The last copy in Archive.org was dated November 2007. While I was bringing the list up to date, I discovered two copies:-

I also found a mention on chessdig.com, a site which seems to have died.

Have the Cramer Awards also died? The Joint Announcement for the 2007 Chess Journalists of America / Fred Cramer Awards Committee for Excellence in Chess Journalism mentioned,

As for the categories, the Cramer Awards Committee has not sent us the official results as of yet. Since the chief judge had some serious disagreements with Don Schultz of the Cramer Committee, he had resigned from the committee before their meeting, so cannot report with confidence what he heard.

It isn't clear if the award announced that year, for Michael Weinreb's 'The Kings of New York', was indeed a Cramer award, although I've listed it as such. There was no CJA book award for 2008, and there is no category for 2009.

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J. Franklin Campbell said...

The Cramer Awards Committee is no longer associated with the Chess Journalists of America and operates its awards separately from the CJA. I did just post a Cramer Committee press release on the CJA web site received from Don Schultz announcing their choice for 2009 inductee to the Gallery of Distinguished Chess Journalists. See Cramer Press Release. There is also a web page of Cramer Awards up to 2006 on Don Schultz's web site at http://www.chessdon.com/cramer_awards.htm.
Franklin Campbell
CJA Webmaster