07 May 2009

More on the USCF Election

Continuing with Update on the USCF Election, the May 2009 issue of Chess Life contained the second batch of USCF Executive Board Candidate Statements. In addition to the sites for the three candidates I linked in the previous post, the statements point to sites for two more candidates.

Goichberg's site has a link titled 'ILLINOIS ACTION: WHY POLGAR & TRUONG SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE BOARD' that leads to a USCF PDF, and has another link titled 'EXHIBITS RELATING TO ILLINOIS ACTION' (which doesn't work properly, because of an incorrect file name; follow the next link 'OTHER LAWSUITS' to find the correct name). These PDFs contain photocopies of the original complaint (plus supporting documents) against Polgar and Truong. Legal beagles interested in those documents might also be interested in Goichberg's link to 'OTHER LAWSUITS INVOLVING USCF', where each case is documented with further relevant legal material. • To be continued...

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