17 May 2009


One of the resources mentioned in my first post in this series (see The Soviet School) was RUSBASE. The link I gave was to 'Part 5', which in turn links to earlier parts.

Part 1 covers World Championships, Candidates' Matches, Interzonal Tournaments, a European Team Championship, and USSR Championships (about half of them). Parts 2 through 5 are organized by Zonal Tournaments, Championships of Republics, Team Championships, International Tournaments, USSR Championships, National Tournaments, Matches, Match Tournaments, and Championships of Clubs. A quick analysis of the five index pages reveals that the site covers 2442 events, distributed by decade as follows:-

189x : 1
191x : 2
192x : 80
193x : 148
194x : 259
195x : 406
196x : 500
197x : 466
198x : 419
199x : 161


Another valuable resource, covering the Soviet Championships, was Graeme Cree's World, U.S., and USSR Championships (members.aol.com/graemecree). Since late last year, the site has been unavailable, displaying 'Hometown Has Been Shutdown' with the further message: 'We're sorry to inform you that as of Oct. 31, 2008, AOL® Hometown was shut down permanently. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.' Fortunately, the site is still available via Archive.org: Search for http://members.aol.com/graemecree/chesschamps/.

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