16 May 2009

Chess960 Blogging Leaves Home

I suppose it was inevitable. Since last August I've been running a weekly post on chess960. Until now, a single category -- Showing posts with label Chess960 -- to keep the posts together has been sufficient.

Now I have some ideas for the evolution of the chess960 material, ideas that don't work well with this Chess for All Ages (CFAA) blog. I've started a new blog that should make it easier to incorporate the new ideas...

Chess960 (FRC)

...I had to fudge the domain name because the simpler URL was already taken: Chess960

I could have started a new web site instead of a blog, but there's a lot more preparation to create a site than to create a blog. Blogspot.com (aka Blogger.com) is already providing enough of the basic tools to do what I have in mind and the decision to use a blog doesn't preclude expanding the blog to a site at some time in the future.

CFAA will continue as the mother ship, the center of my blogging activity.


Ryan said...

Probably a good decision. To be honest, I've very little interest in FRC personally, so I can do without those posts, and focus on your other great work.

Mark Weeks said...

SonofPearl - Yes, that was a consideration I had in mind. Another is that the small circle of chess960 fans is less likely to be interested in other aspects of chess.

I am gradually coming to the conclusion that the rules governing chess960 are the most significant changes to chess since the 'modern' Queen and Bishop were introduced over 500 years ago. Fischer knew what he was doing on this one. - Mark