19 May 2009

U.S. Chess on Streaming Media

Congratulations to GM Hikaru Nakamura for winning the 2009 U.S. Championship (details at the USchess.org's Nakamura 2009 U.S. Chess Champion!). Nakamura might have been the sole official winner of the 2009 event, but thanks to the video and audio magic of the web, the American chess public, participating first-hand, won in ways that were not possible a short decade ago.

A continuous stream of daily video recaps by Macauley Peterson and Jennifer Shahade is available at uschesschamps.blip.tv ('Produced by: Kevin Duggin, Chris Benson, Randy Sinquefield, Macauley Peterson'). The same clips are available individually on YouTube at SlayAndAssociates's videos.

For their role, the videomakers received a plug from another well known videomaker, the long running World Chess News, where the Krzymowska siblings interviewed Peterson on WCN Episode 250.

Want more? Listen to IM John Watson interviews Rex Sinquefield and Tony Rich and watch Game Of the Day; GM Nick De Firmian; US Champ. 2009 - Rd 6; Krush - Becerra, both at webcast.chessclub.com. See also the championship's Official Site, and the clip St. Louis Chess Club featured last year as part of this blog's Video Friday.

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