24 May 2009

Events Covered by Rusbase

In my first post on Rusbase, I mentioned that its five parts covered 2442 events. Here's how they break down by type of event:-

787 Championships of Republics
440 National Tournaments
419 USSR Championships
262 International Tournaments
230 Championships of Clubs
186 Matches
  59 Part 1 (World Championships, Candidates, Interzonals, ...)
  35 Team Championships
  17 Match Tournaments
    7 Zonal Tournaments

It turns out that Part 1, a mixed bag of high level events, also duplicates 23 USSR Championships that are included under the heading 'USSR Championships'. If you're curious about how there could have been 419 USSR Championships, then we're on the same page. I'll look at those in a future post.

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