18 March 2013

Carlsen TMER 2001-2003

Continuing with Carlsen TMER 2004-2007, I added the earliest three years to the TMER index: Magnus Carlsen's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record. It was just in time, too, since Carlsen is currently playing in the 2013 Candidates Event and is one of the favorites to win.

What's next with the TMER? Keeping it up to date would be nice, which would be a first for one of my Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Records. (Adding a link to that page for the Carlsen index would be a good start.) There are also many gaps in my 'Carlsen Record': how he finished in all events and what were the results of individual games. These gaps are mainly in his earliest events, long before the chess press started tracking his every tournament. The team championships appear to be the most problematic.

A review of 'Wonderboy' by Simen Agdestein seems like the next best step. Amazon.com lists the publication date as 1 October 2004. New copies of the book are over $100 each, so get your copy now if you are a collector.

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