11 March 2013

Carlsen TMER 2004-2007

Nine years down, three to go. Continuing with Carlsen TMER 2008-2012, I added the years 2004 through 2007 to the TMER index: Magnus Carlsen's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record. There remain the years 2001 to 2003 to do.

Last week I wrote a followup post on the Bilbao Scoring System. This week I found an earlier event using the system -- the 2007 World Cup Blindfold -- played at Bilbao, of course.

It's also worth noting an About.com Elsewhere on the Web post I wrote in December 2007 about Carlsen's participation at the 2007 Tal Memorial and World Cup: Diary of a Chess Star [Archive.org]. The post is a set of links to a blog maintained by Henrik Carlsen, Magnus's father. The original blog is long gone, but the content lives on thanks to Archive.org: blog.magnuschess.com.

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