17 March 2013

Jaques Carton Pierre Casket

Here on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, Jaques chess sets are a dime a dozen (*), but I can't remember ever seeing a 'casket' for Jaques sets. The item pictured below was titled 'Antique Jaques Carton Pierre casket c1855 for a chess set'. On the way to 780 views, it garnered 42 bids from 10 bidders, eventually selling for GBP 820 ('approximately US $1,240.74', according to eBay).

The description added,

The very first Jaques Staunton chess sets were sold in these Carton Pierre caskets. They were available from 1849 up to 1927.

The best way to tell the age of these during the first five years or so is the detailed ribbon (tooling) around the inside lid. This one matches those found with chess sets dating c 1855 / 1860. This one has the plush royal blue velvet lining.

The Jaques label is usually on the underside, but the label on this one is missing. Some of the usual damage to the lid and top edging, which is to be expected. The side ribbons are still in place and some of the leather hinge is still intact,which is quite rare.

It would be useful to know the dimensions of the casket, but that info was missing.


(*) If you consider $10.000 to be a 'dime'.

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