19 March 2013

Chess Comics No.3: Batman vs. Penguin

The secret is no longer a secret! I started this series on chess comics -- see Chess Comics No.2: 'Black Knight', for the previous edition -- so I wouldn't have to spend precious time blogging during the 2013 Candidates Tournament in London.

Today's 'comic' (why do they call them that even when they're not funny?) is from 'Batman' no.448, published in 1990. In the story, titled 'Pawns', Batman and his nemesis Penguin are engaged in a chess game. No.448, the first of three parts, was followed by 'Detective Comics' no.615 (part two, no kidding!), and 'Batman' no.449. DC no.615 had no mention of chess and I didn't bother to look at 'Batman' no.449.

From 'Batman' no.448

Penguin: 'I've been indulging in chess ever since I was a mere hatchling. Its play requires intricate planning that forces one to not only plan each move far ahead ... but to account for any and all contingencies.' • Just ask Magnus.

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