25 March 2013

'Wonderboy' 2000-2001

Let's take a checkpoint. First I created an up-to-date PGN file of Magnus Carlsen games (see Carlsen TMER Index). Then I added basic data about the events in which the games were played (see Carlsen TMER TWIC Refs through Carlsen TMER 2001-2003). This I released as a standalone page, Magnus Carlsen's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (2000-).

That's not a bad process to create an overview of a player's career, but it does have a drawback -- the events are identified from the PGN games, but the games are undoubtedly drawn from an incomplete record of the player's events. The next step is to gather information about missing events by investigating other sources. I started with 'Wonderboy' by Simen Agdestein, the Norwegian GM who was Carlsen's trainer during the years when the young star advanced from master level to grandmaster level. The following table lists the events covered by GM Agdestein in the first three chapters of his book.

This is an improvement over my existing standalone page, which has only one event listed in 2000. For my next post in this series, I'll continue with chapter four.

(TMER = Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record)

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