29 March 2013

Moscow 1925

Moscow 1925 Chess Tournament - Capablanca (17:45) • 'English - Spanish short video about the 1925 chess tournament held in Moscow.'

'With mixture of original photos and videos, and clips from the Cuban - Soviet film about Capablanca.' • For more about the film, see Capablanca (1986) [nytimes.com] or Capablanca (1987) [imdb.com].

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GeneM said...

At about 9:00 into the video, the best vintage video is seen: Capablanca and Lasker discussing their draw.

Of M.Botvinnik I had not known that at age 14, only two years after he first learned how to play chess, Botvinnik defeated Capablance in a Leningrad (St. Petersburg) simul.