18 February 2014

Chess Behanced

After nearly six years of the Flickr Friday series, where the most recent post was Gibraltar's Tradewise Chess, I discovered another source of chess images on Behance.net ('Showcase & Discover Creative Work'): behance.net/search?search=chess.

Katerina Dubovik -> Chess Story © under Creative Commons.

This was one of nearly 40 drawings for Chess Story on Behance, 'Illustrations for "Chess story" by Stefan Zweig', many of them in color. Wikipedia, on the page titled The Royal Game, introduces the well known story,

The Royal Game (or Chess Story; Schachnovelle in the original German) is a novella by Austrian author Stefan Zweig first published in 1942, after the author's death by suicide. [...] Driven to mental anguish as the result of total isolation by the National Socialists, Dr B, a monarchist hiding valuable assets of the nobility from the new regime, maintains his sanity only through the theft of a book of past masters' chess games which he plays endlessly, voraciously learning each one until they overwhelm his imagination to such an extent that he becomes consumed by chess.

Wikipedia also has a page on a film adapted from Zweig's novella: Brainwashed with Curd J├╝rgens and Claire Bloom.

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