27 February 2014

Secrets of Kirsan

Everything you wanted to know about Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, but were afraid to ask: lenta.ru/lib/14161210/full.htm And if you don't understand Russian, here's a translation: Ilyumzhinov, Kirsan - FIDE President. It starts,

President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) since 1995. Member of the party "United Russia". Created by New Vasiukov - luxury hotel complex on the outskirts of Elista. In 1993-2010, he led the Republic of Kalmykia, during which time repeatedly dismisses his government in 1998 announced its intention to withdraw from the Kalmykia of the Russian Federation, has repeatedly been accused of numerous financial irregularities and violations of federal law, but never prosecuted.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was born April 5, 1962 in Elista, the capital of the Kalmyk ASSR [62], [35]. Ilyumzhinov father was a party worker, his mother - a veterinary surgeon [63].

At age 14, he became the champion Ilyumzhinov of Kalmykia Chess [63]. In 1979 he graduated with honors from high school [62]. In 1979-1980 he worked as a fitter at the "Star" ("DIR") [35], [63]. In 1980-1982 years serving in the Soviet Army, in parts of the North Caucasus Military District [62], [35].

Don't expect much about chess. In fact there are only two further references, both of which you knew already. [BTW, the numbers in brackets '[nn]' refer to footnotes.]

In November 1995, Ilyumzhinov was elected president of the International Chess Federation (Federation Internationale des Echecs, FIDE). Subsequently, repeatedly re-elected to this post (for the last time - in 2006) [36], [29]. [...]

In September 1998, was completed Ilyumzhinov initiated construction New Vasiukov or Chess City (City Chess) - a hotel complex on the southeastern outskirts of Elista [42]. [...]

Have you ever seen 'Chess City (City Chess)'? The top image is an aerial view. If you go to Google Earth, you'll see that it lies just outside Elista, to the southeast.

Image: Google Earth

Image: Google Street View

The bottom image shows the entrance to 'Chess City'. Unfortunately, you can't go any further in Street View. I imagine it's top secret or something.

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