06 February 2014

Chess Leaks Like a Sieve

Confused by the recent leaks and accusations surrounding the FIDE Presidential election? I certainly was, so I assembled an overview. The first to strike was Dylan Loeb McClain (NYTimes.com) regarding a 2013 Kasparov contract.

A few days later, Tim Rayment (TheSundayTimes.co.uk) brought news of a 2012 deal between Ilyumzhinov and Andrew Paulson of Agon. The web version is incomplete, but the full text is available on ECForum.org.uk.

A few days more passed and the full text of the Ilyumzhinov - Paulson deal was posted on kevinspraggettonchess.wordpress.com. It was followed by a rebuttal from Paulson on the same blog.

Chessvibes.com followed both stories, along with many informed comments from chess fans. The 'Kasparov / Leong' post included an exchange between NYT's McClain and a heckler.

What effect this will have on the forthcoming election? Probably not much. Whatever the outcome, chess loses.

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