23 February 2014

'Chess in School' Is Individual

Over the past few months I've had a good run with the 'Chess in (the) School/Schools' series. The posts to date have been 'Chess in School' Is:-

For the next few posts in the series I'm going to switch gears and look at some of the best known personalities in the field. The first is a name I encountered in the post titled 'Chess in School' Is Quantifiable:-

  • Robert Ferguson

The others are familiar names who have built a reputation through field work:-

  • Richard James
  • Alexey Root
  • Susan Polgar

I'm sure I'll think of other names as I look at these first four.

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Unknown said...

Hi Mark, hope you are well! Also see Patrick McDonald's presentation on Chess in Education - "The Benefits of Chess in Education" - it is choc-a-block full of studies and references.

Kindest Regards
Andrea Nel

Ps: we are connected on LinkedIn as well if you want to contact me.