13 February 2014

FIDE's Longest Running Joke?

A few days ago, in Gibraltar's Tradewise Chess, I mentioned that the annual open had been won by GM Ivan Cheparinov. Now I see on ChessNC.com the image shown below, titled 'Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival' and captioned,

English GM Nigel Short receives his winners trophy and cheque for £20,000 from Tradewise CEO James Humphries. (Photo (c) Morris-Hill)

Did I get it wrong again?

On closer look, I see that the title is 'Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2012', making the *news* two years old. If that's the case, why is 'CNC' (ChessNC.com) linked from the top of every page on FIDE's flagship site, Fide.com?

Now I remember! I wrote about CNC on several earlier occasions: No Nose for FIDE News in 2011, and 83rd FIDE Congress in 2012.

This isn't funny anymore. Perhaps FIDE should admit the joint venture with CNC was/is a failure. Maybe they should look at Agon at the same time.

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Peter Long said...

Did you forget FIDE Commerce and Global Chess? or are they still around?