14 February 2014

'Valentine, Be Mine' ... Does Not Compute!

When this blog's Video Friday falls on Valentine's Day, what to do? Find a recent romantic video that has something to do with chess? Good luck with that! And luck it was...

Could You Fall in Love With a Robot? (3:34) • 'Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love is all around us. In the future, will humans and robots fall in love with each other and develop romantic relationships?'

♥ ♥ ♥

What's the connection with chess? The clip commentary includes a transcript of the dialog, which starts, 'Could I.T. fix your broken heart?':-

I know it sounds silly but that hasn't stopped people from asking these questions, like Dr. David Levy. He's a chess master who, in his chess tournament days, noticed the rise of A.I. and now predicts that in 2050 it'll be legal, at least in some places in the United States, for a human to marry a robot. Now he's not just some A.I. enthusiast, he actually earned his PhD with a thesis on human-robotic relationships. And he says it's not just probable that this is gonna happen - it's inevitable.

Yes, it sounds silly, especially coming from the ICGA's own David Levy.

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