01 July 2014

July 1964 'On the Cover'

Last month's 'On the Cover' resulted in two blog posts: June 1964 'On the Cover' and The USCF in Numbers. What will this month's edition bring?

Left: 'On to Boston!'
Right: 'Doughty Dane'

Chess Life

[Back page ad] United States Open Chess Championship • Sheraton-Plaza Hotel, Boston, Mass., August 16-29 • Tournament Director: International Master George Koltanowski, Asst. Director: Robert Goodspeed • A 12-round Swiss Tournament, open to any player in the world. Entry fee: $20 • PRIZES: 1st Prize $1500 + Trophy + Title [...]

Chess Review

As the dust settles after the Interzonal Tournament at Amsterdam, Bent Larsen (our doughty Dane on the cover), who led most of the way, stands in a quadruple tie with Vassily Smyslov, Boris Spassky and Mikhail Tahl at the top of the 24 player field. Fifth and sixth are Leonid Stein and David Bronstein. But they rate no cigar (*).

Instead, Borislav Ivkov fills the fifth qualifying place for the Challengers Round of matches next year, and either Lajos Portisch or Samuel Reshevsky, who must play a match to settle the sixth qualifying place. These six then, along with seeded Mikhail Botvinnik and Paul Keres, contest matches next year to determine who is to take on World Champion Tigran Petrosian in 1966. [...]

(*) Stein and Bronstein actually scored better than even Ivkov but do not qualify under [the] FIDE rule that no more than three from any one country can do so. They may replace qualified Russians.

For the full crosstable, see 1964 Amsterdam Interzonal Tournament.

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