22 July 2014

Alice and 'The Cat in the Hat'

Seen on Yahoo!...

Book-themed benches pop up around London

...The subtitle says,

Fifty open book-shaped benches decorated by prominent artists celebrate beloved literary gems. Treasure hunt for tourists

The link led to this Yahoo article: Take a Seat: London's BookBenches Are All Kinds of Artistic Cool

Sure, nothing beats a hammock for kicking back with a favorite book, but if you’re going to go bench, you can’t beat these new seats in London: 50 open-book-shaped benches decorated by prominent artists and illustrators in the style of some of the UK’s most enduring literary characters.

That's very nice, but what does the chess bench have to do with literature? Nimzovich's 'My System'? In Classic books fly off the shelves and on to the streets, TheGuardian.com explains (over another photo of the chess bench),

As titles from Alice Through the Looking-Glass to The Cat in the Hat are remade as public sculptures, author Mal Peet celebrates the joy of a paperback on a park bench.

Thanks, London! Thanks, Yahoo! Thanks, TheGuardian.com! Previously Seen on Yahoo!: Carlsen vs. Gates, The Aftermath.

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