24 July 2014

Embedded Tweets

Although I've used Twitter material before as a source of inspiration, e.g. in Danailov's Puzzles, I'm not a big fan. It's like walking into a huge room where thousands of people are talking at the same time and not being able to tell who really has something important to say.

A few months ago I noticed the possibility of embedding tweets in other content, copied the embed code of a tweet that I was particularly interested in, and promptly forgot about it. I found it again this week and decided to try it on this blog, mainly to remind myself why I noted it the first time. It turns out that the technique is no more difficult than embedding a Youtube video. For more, see Embedded Tweets on dev.twitter.com.

As for the content of this tweet, the Mig Greengard link leads to a page in Russian, while the two Ian Rogers links are to the two parts of the 'Foreign Correspondent' video. The Larisa Yudina material is why I noted the tweet in the first place.

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