29 July 2014

1928 Bad Kissingen

While preparing the eBay post 'The Silent Master' a few days ago, I had an alternative for the eBay auction that I finally chose. Pictured below, it was titled 'Spectacular c. 1920 Vintage Chess Masters Photograph with Raul Capablanca', started at US $800, and eventually sold for around $670, 'Best offer accepted'.

The description said only,

Vintage and original 4.75 x 5.5" photograph of several chess masters including the famous Raul Capablanca. Nice photo clarity. Very Good to Excellent condition overall, probably a one of a kind photo.

The lettering on the bottom right of the photo reads 'Hoffmann-Phot, Bad-Kissingen'. The Chessgames.com page for Bad Kissingen (1928) lists 12 masters. My best guess for the photo is Front row: Nimzowitsch, Capablanca, Tarrasch, Marshall; Back row: Euwe, Yates, Tartakower, Spielmann, Reti, Mieses, Bogoljubov; leaving Rubinstein unaccounted for. Did I get it right?


Later: 'Historical Photographs' on Roger Paige's Chess Site has a larger example of the same photo, which could be from the tournament book. The players are identified and match my guess.

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