04 July 2014

Brain the Winner

Circumstances dictated a five week break between the previous edition of Video Friday, How to Hold Chess Pieces, and this current edition. Since my short list for this edition eventually reached 40 videos, I had some difficulty narrowing the choice to a single clip. In contrast to the choice in 'How to Hold', I decided to take a more highbrow route, although there were plenty of lowbrow choices available.

Brain the Winner in Chess (4:43) • 'Researchers and academicians alike are increasingly finding chess to be a brain feeder that can lift IQ levels, improve reading skills, enhance memory and concentration and, perhaps, in one's later years, stave off dementia and other chronic brain disorders.'

The explanation, by Franco Campanella, DO -- Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (I had to look it up) -- ties in nicely with another recent post, The Riddles of Chess.

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