25 January 2015

More Fischer - Spassky 1992

More Fischer - Spassky items? What can I say, except that in a typically slow post-holiday period here on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, these were the most interesting auctions.

The descriptions for all three 'Autograph on Envelope' items were brief and identical.

GM Eugene Torre, personal friend and official second in the 1992 World Chess Championship of Bobby Fischer, personally obtained these original and fresh autographs from both Bobby and Boris Spassky at the conclusion of the match. GM Torre will provide the authentication document.

In the past I've been suspicious about memorabilia from the 1992 return match -- see Caveat Fischer - Spassky 1992 -- but this batch looks like the real deal. Like most people, I would take exception to calling the match '1992 World Chess Championship', but that doesn't change the value of the signatures.

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